2006 drawings on plywood 61x61 cm
    2006 drawings on plywood 


30.5 x 30.5 pencil, filler and acrylic on plywood 2006


All that we as humans can imagine is adherent to laws. Laws of nature, laws of ethics, laws of esthetics and logic. We belong within patterns, and so do our art and inventions. The configuration of patterns is a constant and complex procedure that goes from chaos through a development towards the orderly fulfilment of that specific system and is followed up by a decline and disintegration ending up in total chaos, entropy. The whole process goes on perpetually in some form or another. The pattern at its fulfilment does not represent a constant; it is only giving us a glimpse of its potentiality before decline sets in. Thus all systems follow the same laws. I want to present images that are instants in the progression of systems. My imagination build lines that can give pattern-references to radio waves, x-rays, electrons colliding and emitting other particles, birds flights, winds, heat waves, colours, light and reflections, all kinds of statistics, movements of ants and bees, dust particles, sand, music.


from a series of drawings on paper ARIA 1974
WIND AND WATER I observe these ever-changing elements trying to decode the intriguing repetitions of patterns running from chaos to orderly perfection and back. A soaring bird will make invisible waves in the air, and there are radio waves, sparks and light signals, electrons, dust particles float and collide. There is speed and time and directions in space to register with our instruments, and there is weather and weather forecasts and statistics. There are earthquakes and meteors, temperatures, heartbeats and brainwaves to register. Colours expand at different frequencies and sounds come and go.